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Effective leadership in Government

07 Oct 2014
What does it take to be an effective leader in Government

Why is leadership and managing change so challenging in central government? Penna spoke to some of the most senior leaders across Central Government about the attributes required of leaders to be successful.


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What are people saying about you?

25 Sep 2014
What are people saying when you’re not in the room?

The good news is that you have an employer brand already; the bad news is that it may not be the one that you want. Look beyond the logo and brand, and you'll find the employer experience.

Keywords: Assessment | Attraction | Employer brand |

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A Reflective Summer

25 Sep 2014
Summer dreams, ripped at the seams?

Summer has been a great time to reflect and plan. Career planning might have crossed your mind e.g. where to upskill or what is the next challenge? However is this now at the bottom of your priority list?

Keywords: Career development | Career management | Engagement | Retention |

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The Value of Coaching

25 Sep 2014
The Value of Coaching

Far from being a fad, coaching is becoming increasingly embedded in an organisation’s learning and organisational development, delivering a powerful accelerator of leadership capability.

Keywords: Career development | Coaching | Talent |

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Mentoring Myths

25 Sep 2014
Mentoring Myths

As the awareness of the benefits mentoring can bring to business performance grows, so do the myths surrounding it. Our research explores and debunks four of the most common mentoring myths.

Keywords: Career development | Mentoring | Talent |

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Hampering retention rates research

05 Aug 2014
Lack of career planning hampering retention rates

A lack of structure around careers, succession planning and personal development is set to cause organisations the biggest talent headache this year, according to our research.

Keywords: Career development |

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Mentoring Summary Research

23 Jul 2014
Mentoring – A valuable tool in plugging the talent drain

Our latest research has found that mentoring could be a valuable tool in plugging the talent drain. The research has found that a fifth (20%) of employees are not currently mentoring or being mentored - but would like to be.

Keywords: Statistics | Talent |

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Engagement via gamification

03 Jun 2014
How Penna is using gamification to re-ignite engagement in careers

See how Penna are using gamification to re-ignite engagement with careers

Keywords: Career development | Gamification | Online learning |

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How to conduct an interview

08 Apr 2014
How to conduct an interview to secure the best candidates

Securing the best candidates can be difficult as the consultant approaches them first. Tim Lewis comments on the challenges of this, and how best to get around this to ensure the best candidate is placed for the job.

Keywords: HR |

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Why be a Chief Executive?

24 Mar 2014
'Fat Cats' or 'Sitting Ducks' - Why be a Chief Executive?

Do you want a high pressure job, where you and your decisions will be publicly scrutinised, where you’ll work long days for a salary that doesn’t always reflect this, and your post could be deleted from the permanent structure to save money? If so, then the role of Local Government Chief Executive could be for you!

Keywords: To Read |

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