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24 Apr 2017

Advertising, Staff Recruitment, Social, Twitter

What Twitter's Premium Tweetdeck Could Mean for Recruiters

Twitter drops some heavy hints about launching a paid-for Premium Tweetdeck. Our digital team reflect on whether this could be useful for finding and recruiting talent into your organisation.

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24 Apr 2017

Marketing, CMA, Prospectus, Higher Education

The Quest for the Single Point of Truth

One of the many challenges that UK university marketing teams are currently facing is the need to be CMA compliant; that is, to give clear, accurate and timely information to students. Whilst it sounds simple in theory, the reality is rarely so - as explained here by our guest blogger Angelina Bingley (Director of Admissions, Recruitment & Marketing, University of East Anglia).

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06 Mar 2017

Advertising, Digital, Data & Insight, Tagging, Analytics, Reporting

Tagging - A Beginner's Guide

Our Digital Marketing Analyst Zabi Mohebzadeh gives us a basic lesson in the whys, hows and wheres of tagging your marketing campaigns.

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