For educated recruitment

Engaging audiences and attracting talent is our specialty.


We’re not ones to boast, so we’ll let the numbers do the talking. Our higher education HR client base is almost 50 different institutions, and we produce c450 recruitment solutions each year, making us undeniable specialists in the sector. Our teams constantly push and inspire each other to create ever more innovative solutions to resourcing issues.


  • Employer Branding

    How you’re seen in the eyes of the beholder - pretty useful information to know. So that’s where we always start.

  • Recruitment campaigns

    Panicking about staff recruitment? From media planning to creative to social presence, we’ll run your campaign whether for one high profile role or volume recruitment. No sweat.

  • Vacancy Advertising

    Just like Casanova, we know what to say to attract all the hottest talent. Make us your recruitment wingman and you’ll have your pick

  • Careers Sites

    Everyone’s trapped in the web. And that’s not a bad thing. The www is where it’s at for recruitment so let us perfect your careers site

  • Training and Workshops

    Knowledge is power. Whatever you want to get clued up on, we’ll organise and run training that places power in your hands

  • Sourcing and Executive Search

    Like ducks to water, we’re naturals at discovering fantastic people. Using our secret know-how, we’ll find ‘The One’. Or several. You choose.

Attracting talent is our talent.

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