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services Attracting the right talent

Stay ahead of the competition by attracting the very best talent around.

Case Studies

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Using gamification to engage and assess graduates

Click here to find out more about how we developed an original engagement and assessment tool for graduates using gamification

John Lewis Partnership John Lewis Partnership

Creating an engaging and immersive careers site

Click here to find out more about how we created a career site that provided a great user experience as well as process efficiencies

About Penna


At Penna we passionately believe it is the people who change performance in organisations

We are a global people management business with an exceptional track record in the HR Services industry. Our experience and expertise spans three areas of organisational life where people have the power to make a big difference- Recruiting the right talent, developing people to fulfil their potential and managing career transitions when staff move on.

News & Opinion

Oddball interview questions

Have you ever been in an interview and been thrown by the obscurity of a question? Carla Holden considers what the impact is on such questions for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Challenging misconceptions around Gen Y employees

What are the main misconceptions around Gen Y employees? Penna's latest research focuses on the career aspirations of Gen Y employees and how well these were understood by managers.

New normal leadership

HR professionals can play a major role in helping leaders to develop the skills they need to flourish in the 'new normal'. What does this vital role involve?

Why HR Directors are missing the target- Penna's latest research on gamification

Gamification has been the subject of so much hype that you’d be forgiven for thinking that it almost defines the future of our industry. But the very real potential that we think it has is still yet to be realised. Download our latest research which explores the current understanding of gamification, provides an insight into what the barriers to adoption are and highlights HR Directors views on the potential uses for gamification in their organisation.


It's the expertise, integrity and commitment of our people that makes Penna so distinctive.  Everyone at Penna lives and works by our values. We are accountable, collaborative, inspiring, and supportive. These are more than words on a piece of paper or a computer screen; they define Penna – who we are and how we operate.

Working at Penna

It’s the expertise, integrity and commitment of our people that makes Penna so distinctive. We attract and retain the best people by making sure we’re an organisation that people are proud to work for. It’s an approach we believe in and as we have been listed in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies for six consecutive years we know it's an approach that works

Investor relations

Whether you’re a current or potential investor, click here to find the facts and figures you need

Being responsible

Penna recognises that Corporate Social Responsibility is about the accountability we have to all our stakeholders; our employees and associates, our clients, suppliers and partners, our shareholders and the wider community. Click here to find out more about our CSR work and activity.

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