The impetus on transformation has come about in recent years due to local government funding cuts. Local government has also been tasked with doing more with less. Councils have therefore been focusing their attentions on new operating models and alternative forms of delivery. When making such significant changes it’s important to take people with you and retain the very best talent as well as identify new talent for roles that are different and usually demanding more commerciality and entrepreneurship.

Penna has supported a number of organisations with their structural and cultural transformation requirements, putting in place robust top teams capable of delivering measurable change over time.

Our transformation offer particularly appeals to new Chief Executives and their top teams – we are able to review the talent and development potential of senior managers as well as design and deliver assessment events that identify values, behaviours and attitude as well as skills and capability. We can develop uniqe recruitment and assessment solutions that provide immediate transformation support and a lasting legacy programme for future recruitment and development.

Our service includes working in partnership with senior stakeholders, including politicians, to undertake and overview and audit of structures and role responsibilities, remuneration reviews, role profile development and organisational design. We are also highly experienced in the development and recruitment of OD for new trading organisations, both at Board and Executive level.

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