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Engaging and enabling early talent virtually

This National Apprenticeship Week, Penna celebrates student talent in a new partnership with MyKindaFuture. Together, our consultants have teamed up to offer a blend of experiences and expert guidance to deliver their top top tips on how to engage with students and what they want from employers, virtual events apprenticeships and more.

Episode 1: How to reach students using digital and social media

In the first of our video series, Penna’s Comms Strategist, Kadie Hodges, talks about how you can reach students using digital and social media while identifying key platforms. Here are their 5 top tips.


Episode 2: How to engage with schools and universities

In this next video, MyKindaFuture's Senior Delivery Manager, Khadijah Pandor, offers guidance on how to work with schools and universities. As virtual events become the norm, we're sharing 5 top tips to help you partner with educators and connect with diverse talent.


Episode 3: How to enhance virtual assessment for undergraduates

In 2 minutes, you'll have heard our 5 top tips for running virtual assessments in 2021 from Penna’s Principle Assessment Consultant, Tom Kelly and Senior Client Partner and Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Alexis Curtis-Harris.

In this video, they’ll be walking you through everything you need to know, from how to replicate the face-to-face experience, to selling your employer brand, culture and offer.


Episode 4: How to make virtual work experience and internships impactful and accessible for all

In this episode, Senior Delivery Manager at MyKindaFuture, Hannah Weston, shares her top tips to help ensure your virtual work experience and internship programmes of 2021 are impactful and accessible for future talent from all backgrounds.


Episode 5: 5 top tips for virtual events in Further and Higher Education

In this short video, you'll have heard our 5 top tips for running virtual events in 2021 from MyKindaFuture’s Learning Content Manager, Annie Gregson. Here they share their expertise for creating meaningful virtual events that inspire and deliver real impact to diverse talent.


Episode 6: 5 top tips on what universities should be doing and what students need in order to be engaged by employers

In this video, you'll learn about what universities should be doing now, and what students want and need in order to be engaged by employers with Penna Education’s Client Partner, Oona Venermo.


Episode 7: How has Covid changed what students want?

In this 3 minute penultimate episode of the series, Penna’s Director of Business Development, Nia Exon, offers her exclusive insight on how Covid has changed what students want in 2021.


If you want to learn more about what employers can do to effectively reach students, or for any aspect of student marketing or talent solutions, you can get in touch with our experts for a free 15-minute consultation.

For Penna’s Comms Strategist, Kadie Hodges, email and for MyKindaFuture’s, Strategic Lead for Talent, Simon Reichwald, email

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