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Learnings from the Public Sector: Tackling inequalities and injustice in Camden and beyond

Penna was proud to present ‘Diversity in the Public Sector – What has changed since the death of George Floyd’, co-hosted with the amazing team at Inclusive Companies. We relished the time we were able to spend learning from industry leaders in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, as they spoke to us about what they had learned and implemented in their workspace. It was great to hear from Jenny Rowlands, who shared with us how the London Borough of Camden had taken on the challenge of tackling inequality and injustice on their doorstep.

‘One of the things we know is that when you walk around a public space you get a sense of your identity, who you are and what your worth is. So, alongside London-wide work, we’ve also looked at how we can diversify our space’

Watch Jenny’s full talk now!


Our approach to diversity and inclusion is built to ensure best practice and innovation is developed and delivered throughout any candidate attraction and engagement process. This is rooted in rigorous data analysis and ongoing qualitative research to increase the volume and quality of underrepresented applications and subsequently hires. 

We support, guide and challenge clients to embed diversity and inclusion into their campaigns, and most importantly into the heart of their organisations. At Penna we embody the diversity you seek, and have a team of award-winning experts - our Diversity Consultancy. Through this team of experts, we go further than just looking at attraction campaigns, but consider the whole candidate journey and experience, through to hire, as well as once they join. Alongside them, our creative, communication and digital specialists are also experts in creation of attraction and engagement strategies which help organisations reach underrepresented audiences.

Contact our team via to find out more.

Inclusive Companies, our partner for the event, is the premier cross industry network harnessing best practices & innovation to drive inclusion for all. Connecting thought-leaders, businesses and communities, Inclusive Companies are a leading membership body specializing in equality, diversity and inclusion with initiatives such as The National Diversity Awards and The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List.

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Diversity In the Public Sector