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Meet the team: Introducing Jess, joining our team as Head of Comms Strategy

Talking to the right people in the right way is so important. It’s how you get potential candidates to join your organisation, and current employees to stay and thrive. Sounds important, right? Right. It’s crucial. And because it’s not always simple, we’ve got teams on hand to help. 

We’re therefore delighted to announce the recent arrival of Jess to the team. Her journey started nearly a decade ago at the Institute for Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), setting the stage for what has been an incredibly rewarding path in the world of communications strategies, research and insights. Now, as the Head of Communications Strategy at Penna, she finds herself in a role that’s both challenging and deeply fulfilling.

“I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the team since October 2022, but in a freelance capacity. My focus has broadened to not just lead our comms planning and strategy for a wide array of public sector and commercial clients but also to nurture a team that's passionate about making a real impact for future generations of candidates.”

Throughout her career, Jess has had a wide range of experiences, including building strategic partnerships in the global arts and tech space at boutique consultancies, running industry-wide censuses and effectiveness case studies, and spearheading enablement and ESG-focused impact reporting efforts at B2C and B2B tech start-ups. For this role, she is hoping to bring some of her academic interests to Penna, having previously researched political deepfakes.

“Naturally, I’m hugely interested in digital behaviour and how technology impacts us at an everyday level, and so I am looking to lead upskilling workshops on how we can better use and prompt generative tools, like ChatGPT, Copilot and Midjourney  – as well as ensuring that people have the basics nailed down around data ethics and compliance. I’d love to see people challenging themselves to find their way around learning and adapting in this fast-evolving field, across all the different teams and functions at Penna.”

As she continues her role at Penna, she aims to keep learning, growing and contributing to the team in a way that not only drives our clients' success but also fosters a culture of inclusivity, as well as the robust and ethical use of data innovation. Some of the work that she has already achieved in the short time she has been with Penna is a testament to the power of collaboration, showcasing the impact we can have when we leverage our skills for the greater good. In the future, Jess is hoping to lead our communications strategy in a way that respects the weight of the narratives we craft and the impact they have.

“In the end, it's the journey, the people I've met along the way, and the lessons learned that I value most. I'm grateful for each experience and hopeful for what the future holds, as we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of communication and technology.”

Jess is already working with the team on a wide range of campaigns. To get in touch with our team and to find out how our Attractions and Communications team can deliver the best solution for you, contact us at

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