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Penna are celebrating International Youth Day

We're celebrating International Youth Day at Penna, which this year takes the theme of ‘Transforming food systems. Youth innovation for human and planetary health'. We asked some of our family 'What’s one thing you’re doing to protect the planet for the youth of tomorrow?'. Here’s what they said.

Kadie Hodges, our Comms Strategy Manager:

“The climate crisis can feel really overwhelming at times, which can leave you feeling a bit helpless. But I really believe that everyone making small changes can lead to greater change. That’s why I’ve reduced the amount of meat I eat, going veggie for about 90% of the time. I think it’s a common misperception that you need to completely cut something out, when reducing is also really impactful. I’m also trying to cut down on plastic and switching to eco-friendly products. There’s a whole world of amazing brands and switches - from shampoo bars, hemp sponges to second hand clothes apps! There’s so much information out there, you just have to get researching!”

Andy Collins, our Client Manager:

"Protecting the planet is something we all have to take responsibility for. Whilst we’re in need of global governments leading the way, as individuals we can all make small lifestyle changes that make a big difference as a collective. The main change I have made is to reduce my meat consumption by only having vegetarian meals when I’m cooking at home, and it’s a change I’ve really enjoyed and would definitely recommend to others! Livestock accounts for around 15% of global emissions so individual changes really can make a difference."

Alexis Curtis-Harris, our D&I Lead:

“I’m ashamed to say that its only really been the last 18 months that I have realised the seriousness of the climate crisis and started educating myself properly to see what I can do to make change. I went vegan nearly 4 years ago, and whilst my original reasons weren’t climate related, I told myself that I was doing enough and I didn’t need to do anything else. I was wrong. When we are talking about the future of our planet, it’s very easy to wonder what difference one person can make, and I too get that overwhelming feeling a lot of the time. More recently I’ve vowed to switch out plastic when I can, made more informed decisions about where I buy clothes from, choose public transport as much as possible and have switched out my single use deodorant to a more eco-friendly brand (my favourite is @wildrefill). There are so many tools out there to educate ourselves, and I ask everyone to even just take 10 minutes out their day to have a look. People reading this will be at various stages of their lives, and as we know habits and behaviours form over time, but they can be broken and changed. I choose to change, not only for myself, but for our future generations.

Helen Overy, our Marketing Lead:

“The IPCC's recent report into the seriousness of the climate crisis, and humanity's culpability in causing it, stopped me in my tracks. In the face of shocking scientific evidence about our planet's future it's easy to think, 'well, what can I, as an individual, really do to help'. But we can all play our part in protecting the earth for the future.

Opt out of companies that don't have climate-friendly credentials. There's usually a great green alternative if you do some research. And, if you're lucky enough to have disposable income, opt into schemes for individuals like It's our collective responsibility to fix this for good and for everyone. I'm hopeful that (with a little help from the youth of today!) we can make a difference for the future.”


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