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Penna Presents: Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces – the blockers and the solutions


The integration of diverse and inclusive spaces within the workplace has become increasingly important in recent years. Despite its widespread recognition across various industries, there are still organisations that have yet to join the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) movement.

Penna’s Amin Aziz and Sapna Sharma recently hosted a webinar alongside Arif Sain, Managing Director at Inclusivity Global Ltd, and Tosca Fairchild, Chief of Staff at NHS Southeast London ICB, to address the barriers preventing inclusive practices within organisations and discuss actionable steps to rectify the situation.

“There is a fear of getting things wrong,” explained Arif, “but we only learn from our mistakes.” He emphasised the importance of courageous leadership when tackling these issues head-on, as bravery is a vital aspect of the process.

Regarding a roadmap for change, Tosca recommended that organisations have “values that say you are committed – but these need to be more than words.” These should be actively embodied, with teams living and breathing their commitments, and prioritising them in their actions.

Check out the recording of the full webinar now.

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