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The Rise of the 'Great Unretirement' Movement

Taking a look at trends that have been continuing to take place over the last few years, Penna’s Strategy Director, Tristan Moakes, and Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Alexis Curtis-Harris recently led a session with the PPMA discussing how these trends might affect how we think about retirement.

With the many changes to jobs within the last hundred years, has the idea of retirement become overrated? “Work is different now,” explained Tristan. “The service sector has come to dominate the workplace”, which could result in a change in the reasons for people feeling the need to retire.

“We have an ageing population, an ageing workforce,” noted Alexis. “People are, in fact, now ‘un-retiring’, whether by force or by necessity”. Whether it’s stereotypes, racism or biases in recruitment processes, it’s important to break down barriers that can stop these returners from coming back to the workplace.

Whether it’s by promoting flexibility, cultivating confidence or recognising ageism in recruitment, learn more about which steps your organisation can be following to create an effective roadmap for potential returners by watching the full recording now.

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