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Person meet job, job meet person. Simple? We all know it’s not. But it’s nice working with an agency that knows what it’s doing. With jaw-dropping talent in areas like Data & Insight, Candidate Sourcing and Executive Search & Interim we can find bespoke, quality candidates across every sector. It takes energy, experience and some bold steps into unchartered territory. (Toe-dippers stay at home please.)

Sometimes you’ve just got to think ‘That’s new, let’s do that’. Anything else is just revamped average. And no one wants that. We get our thrills from challenging briefs, client smiles and candidates who find their perfect home. Picking up awards feels rather nice too. Whatever you need… employer branding, social media innovation, graduate marketing… you’ll find it right here.

Change, evolution, revolution? Phew. Organisations have a bumpy ride sometimes. So how do you keep the best people happy and engaged? You need a partner who can guide you through the mist, devising a collection of brave and intelligent solutions that we like to call ‘Whatever It Takes To Secure The Best People’. It could be an internal comms campaign, some managed recruitment or something completely new. How exciting…


‘Do the same as last year,’ said the client. ‘No,’ said Penna. Why be safe and expected when you can teeter on the edge of ‘Is that even possible?’. We push, we push again. We find, we excite, we secure the very best people for our clients. And the solutions are brighter than ever.

  • Employer Brand

    There are a million ‘great companies offering great opportunities’. Yawn. You need to stand out. Imagine the real you shining in the marketplace, cherry-picking the finest talent. Heaven.

  • Graduate Recruitment

    The perfect graduates might seem like distant unicorns, but given the right messaging they’ll soon turn their heads in your direction. And with communications fuelled by honesty, excitement and entertainment, they’ll love
    you forever.

  • Social Media

    It’s everywhere and it’s not going away. What’s everyone saying? What’s everyone playing? How can you reach out through the screen to your ideal candidate, and make your offer seem irresistible? It starts by owning the conversation.

  • Candidate Assessment

    Our award-winning team is officially ‘one of the largest and best’ in assessment. It’s an impressive balance of Solutions That Work and honest branding, powered by clever psychology and insight.

  • Data & Insight

    Nothing gets passed these beady-eyed scrutinisers. They make sure all the time, effort and money that’s pumped into a solution is paying off. They tag every element, observe media data and check out campaign traffic. Then after some degree of beard-stroking, they’ll present their conclusions in a
    handy dashboard.

  • Candidate Sourcing

    Slick. That’s us. We get straight to the heart of what’s needed and give spot-on, super-efficient advice. Casting the net far and wide, we use top-notch people to find top-notch talent across every single sector.

  • Managed Resourcing

    You might have lots of seats to fill. You might be looking for someone rather niche, specialist and downright fancy. We can help. We attract, source, select and assess according to your particular requirements, and all your tough challenges will be well and truly cracked.

  • Student Marketing

    The younger the audience, the more sponge-like the brain. We like to reach out to this generation in the most exciting, honest and innovative ways so they can soak up your organisation and imagine their future with you.

  • Executive Search

    Like ducks to water or cats to cream, we’re naturals at discovering pretty fantastic people. Using all sorts of special know-how, we’ll help find ‘The One’. Or several. We’re good like that.

  • Executive Interim

    Mind the gap. Not just true for station platforms. We fill your voids with brilliant, über-qualified minds. We’re the connecter of dots. It may be for the short-term, but you’ll feel a lovely lingering,
    long-term effect.

  • Transformation

    We provide highly experienced and innovative individuals and teams that can work seamlessly alongside our customers and get to the crux of issues quickly, shaping intelligent solutions and delivering lasting transformation, which can be felt across their organisations. 


We’re a Times Top 100 Employer for the 7th year running.
(With a growing trophy cabinet, too)


Finding the right people for your organisation can be tricky. While some candidates have great experience, they don’t always fit in with your culture. Which is why our Occupational Psychologists have teamed up with our award-winning creative team to develop a suite of bespoke assessment tools. They’re engaging, interactive and tailored just for you. So whether you’re looking to fill administrative or senior management roles, you’ll have a process that selects the best people for you.


Penna Sourcing

We source candidates for clients across all industries. We are pretty good at it too. Come and have a look at the roles we are currently working on. You never know, your next career move could be just behind this button. 

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