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07 Aug 2017

Julie Towers Month in Words

Well anyone would think Summer was over, it’s August and the weather is decidedly cool, but the recruitment world is hot, hot, hot.

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03 Aug 2017

Are your recruitment processes due an MOT?

Resourcing is not a career path for the fainthearted. The pressure and pace of trying to secure the very best talent for your organisation may leave you being unable to see the wood for the trees. You may even be tempted by quick fixes that do nothing to address the root cause of your challenges.

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19 Jul 2017

Programmatic, Digital, Advertising, Data & Insight

Programmatic advertising: what’s in it for recruiters?

Soon it is believed that every display unit will be an advertising opportunity. Imagine the power of that in recruitment!

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07 Jul 2017

Julie Towers Month in Words

Well, where did June go? I was on holiday for two weeks - so that’s probably why the month has gone even quicker. Or perhaps it’s because it’s been an unprecedented month. We had the outcome of the General Election, the terrible tragedies in Manchester and London, and the devastating Grenfell Tower fire. When ‘unprecedented’ things happen, the world stops for a little while and reflects. Then, perhaps as is right thing to do, it moves forward and gets on with doing what it does.

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