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31 Jan 2019

Pain or gain?

Over the past few years artificial intelligence (AI) has started to make its way into the world of recruitment. While excitement about the potential benefits has steadily grown, we’re now also starting to see some of the downsides.

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28 Jan 2019

Welcome to Penna Perspective Jan 2019

It’s a cliché but the years quite simply do go faster as you get older….2018 really did motor and we hope that all of our clients, candidates, associates and partners had a good break and recharged their batteries ready for the year ahead...

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29 Jan 2019

Meet Raja Balachandran

Joining the Penna family in August 2018, Raja brought with him over five years’ experience of advertising technology backed up by an MA in Advertising at the University of Hertfordshire. He’s now responsible for all the programmatic activities within Penna including...

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28 Jan 2019

Case Study: The Met Police & SSCL

“London is changing. Crime is changing. Increasingly complex cyber-crimes and the need to protect ever-vulnerable people mean that our detectives have to develop new expertise. We need to be more strategic, more innovative with our recruitment than ever. ”

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