The employer brand is a priority


28 Jun 2018

The employer brand is a priority

The employer brand has to be a priority.

Local government whilst achieving great outcomes with less funding, continues to have it hard. Ongoing negative perceptions of the sector, relentless cuts driven by central government and daily – some heart wrenching - media headlines are taking their toll on the sector’s ability to recruit best talent. In spite of this local government continues to work tirelessly to try to counteract some of the criticism aimed at them, whilst proactively designing and developing workforce strategies aimed at attracting the enormous range of skills and experience they need.

At Penna we are having more and more conversations with our local government clients as to how the overall employer brand has to be a major contribution in assisting them with their quest. We know that developing good employer branding can help convey more positively and honestly the significant career opportunities and challenges that they can offer.

A very recent example of bold EVP development is the work Penna has developed for its client Wirral Council. On a big change journey Wirral asked us to create a leadership employer brand that truly positioned the Council in a fresh, more dynamic and commercially focused way. Through research and fact-finding meetings reviewing their past, present and future we developed some compelling messages aimed at both supporting and challenging some of the perspectives the external audiences held.  

Centred around a leading strapline of “Bring in on” we developed advertising collateral, a microsite and a video. The investment in attraction will be realised when people have a different view of Wirral and start to see them as an employer of choice. The only way to start this journey was to bravely use honesty of the past in order to present a different future  - Still live the campaign has so far received over 1.25M impressions with 1,500 clicks through to the microsite for more information. Enormously satisfied with the applications so far (and with fresh and new people coming through), we are confident that finding ways of embracing a brand identification (or re-identification) can be fundamental to any such strategy being a success.

There’s more to do to change and embed new perceptions of Wirral, but the campaign is a real positive start. Paul Satoor, Chief Operating Officer said ‘I recognised that we needed to a bold and impactful employer brand if we are serious about what we wanted to achieve. By creating ‘Bring it On’ Penna have captured the essence of our ambition and aspiration, and although we have a long way to go it is an employer brand that we can be proud of and we are already seeing a positive impact on our recruitment campaigns’

Kate Wilson, Resourcing Lead for local government, 07768 885564,